Hi, we’re Natalie and David, co-founders of Oh My Laser.

Originally born and raised in England UK, we now live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just East of Seattle.

We enjoy spending time together as a family with our two young kids, Charlie and Amber, either walking in the rain, biking through the woods or playing in one of our local lakes.

We made the exciting (and scary) decision to uproot everything we’ve ever known in pursuit of the American Dream. We moved here in September 2011 and haven’t looked back since. Both of our children were born over here and they’re both definitely very American (they like to correct us on our ‘English’ all the time).

Natalie’s passion and hobby is laser engraving and David has a knack for design (he’s a Principal Designer for Amazon Alexa) and together we created Oh My Laser.

We take pride in each and every piece that we make and customer satisfaction is always our top priority.